6 Top Things to Do in Antipolo this Summer 2015

Summer is when swimming can really be a very popular recreation and outdoor activity for many Filipinos. With this respect, Antipolo, Bulacan, Bataan, Cavite, Laguna and Bicol and Ilocos are top destinations. If you are planning for one, you might want to consider taking a peek at the nearest resorts to enjoy and have fun this summer 2015 where a paradise place for swimming is near Manila. Any on the list above will do and I hope before anything else, the coolest breeze can be enjoyed at the same time at the “city in the sky” – Antipolo. Continue reading

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Top 6 Reasons Why Loan Borrowers Don’t Want to Get Assistance from a Loan Agent

fast cash loanDifferent people have different preferences, beliefs, attitude and personality. The same thing goes with loans. Each of the different available loans in the Philippines have its own characteristic and depending upon the need of borrowers, each type will fit just perfectly to the tailored need of loan applicants. But even though this is always the case when people try to look for a lending company to cater to quick cash loan needs, chances are, if they stumble upon a loan agent, they seem to be hesitant in availing of the loan. What could be the different reasons why this is so? That is what this articles is looking forward to reveal based on a personal level of experience as a professional loan consultant to multiple top lending companies in the Philippines. I wanted to help agents realize the importance of these reasons for them to become better at their service and aim to satisfy clients as a priority more than the big commission they ought to get after loan release. I am a qualified and professional loan agent and therefore, it is my sole responsibility and duty to take in to account and learn from what my clients say or ask me on their way to apply for a particular loan. As I share these experiences, I hope to help other aspiring agents to become their best. I have listed some of them and some are already regular experiences on a day to day basis from assisting loan borrowers from all walks of life. Continue reading

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1 Day Release Loan Using Car as Collateral – Is It Possible in the Philippines?

fast cash loanLiving in the Philippines, I never regret. There are countless benefits and advantages living in a tropical country like my country. Apart from that fact, people here are polite and courteous. In relation to Filipino traditions as people, the system, although at time might be flawed still came up with something worth being proud of. No, I’m not talking about the whole system of the government. I am talking about getting a loan approved for a possible 1 day release using car as collateral. Continue reading

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Recalling My Travel – Antipolo Destination

Antipolo's Breath Taking View2013 had been so very good to me and my family and as I recall it, last year I went in to a solo backpack travel to the city in the Sky – Antipolo. ‘Twas a clean city overlooking the metropolis by the cliff with lights of the busy streets of Metro Manila but what attracts Manila boys like me is the cool ambiance and cold weather in high altitude added to the overl0oking drink of a bottle or two of beer where nobody will recognize a Manila boy from the suburbs. Continue reading

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Napoles Case – Another PR?

Is the Napoles case going to be just another press release for the Aquino government. Well I’ve suffered influenza just a couple of days ago and it’s been almost 1 week since the Napoles case became the hottest conversation in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Vice Ganda even made his own statement in showtime as well as in GGV regarding how he feels this is going to be all about.

But today, after almost a week of lying in bed and watching the television, I haven’t heard any updates to the Napoles case. Are the new set of whistleblowers going to have their grit in vain once again just like in the previous cases of whistleblowers? The Philippine government seemed so reluctant at this and I’m not so sure why. The president himself has shown he favors are laid on the bed of these kinds of people, although unproven, the people know how much has been stolen of their hard earned tax money to only go to waste in the pockets of the few.

Jinggoy has played safe as well as the Revillas and now, Justice Carpio has announced that the people behind, if there are any are all going to need really good lawyers to have their side explained. I hope the Napoles case is not going to be just another PR.

Philippines Loan for Seafarer – 1 Day Release and Lowest Interest Rate

seafarer loanOf all the different types of loans in the Philippines, only the seafarer loan is the 1 day release which means that you can now process and get your loan proceeds the same day you apply. Now, there are mechanics and pre requisites before you can achieve a fast loan process. Understand that it will never be possible if you apply and bring your documents to the lending company in the afternoon and expect that you loan amount will be released and your application approved the same day. It would defy the principles of time this way.

On the other hand, if you want to achieve a fast loan processing and release of loanable amount, you have to make sure to have on hand, a complete set of documents and also the correct ones being asked by the lending company. Otherwise, you’d have a hard time getting your application approved in 1 day, more so, your loan proceeds turned over to you. Continue reading

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Security of small business should rely on CCTV

Closed circuit television or CCTV is currently in demand for cheaper options to small business owners especially in Manila. A rise in the need to hire installers and have one in your shop and in your store or internet cafe is because of the rising criminality by holdup gangs. A good example for this are those being reported almost on a daily basis in TV Patrol ABS-CBN channel 2. Continue reading

City Hunter starring Lee Min Ho, revived for afternoon teleserye of ABS-CBN

I am currently watching the rewind of City Hunter starring Lee Min Ho, one of the popular casts of Boys Before Flowers (Boys Over Flowers in the Philippines). This Korean drama is one of the most expensive productions in Korea and I just wanted you all, my readers to know that this is not just your regular viewing. If you’ve missed this soap, you can still catch up with some of the episodes, hopefully, the last few ones. Yes, that is because it’s still up and running every afternoon in channel 2, afternoon drama. Go check out their schedule now or miss it for the 2nd time around.

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Nurses excited for the release of the NLE result 2012

NLE Result 2012After July 2012 comes (it’s now August) the tension in the nerves of all Pinoy nurses seethes in. This is because sooner or later, the NLE result 2012 will be released by the Professional Regulation Commission. When this happens, the server of this government agency runs dead. This has been an experience and if you are one of those who took the exam, you might want to be the first to see if you are listed as one of the board passers so be sure to secure a slot from us here at Tipster’s Paradise. I will post here the list or to the least, I will be posting a link where you can find the list of licensure test successful examinees. Continue reading

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Listening to old songs is a therapy

I am as I write on this blog currently listening to very old love songs and I feel like someone else right now, I admit. This is probably because I knew all along that listening to love songs is a form of therapy to the soul and the tired body of people like me who work hard all the time. This is my outlet to stress and it will be as it is and continue to be as long as I work here in front of my computer. I am embedding a sample old love song below titled, Please Don’t Ask Me by Eric Carmen.

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